Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Big Snow of 2010

looking out the front door this morning.

So we just got almost two feet of snow in less than than 24 hrs! This is one of the biggest snowstorms our area has ever seen. It started yesterday afternoon and continued all night. This morning the sun was out and it looked absolutely beautiful! Due to all the snow, I didn't get out and get many pictures except for around the house. Samson went out with me and as you can see, he had a blast! :) They are calling for more snow this week... that should be interesting.

1 Month Old

My little happy guy is 1 Month old as of Jan 29th. I am a little delayed in posting these pictures that I took of him that day. He is so fun as he grows and changes. He is smiling a lot more now. I was really excited to have captured this great smile, though it did take some coaxing (whistling and chin tickling to be exact). The first picture is the first of many. I decided to use his stuffed giraffe for each month's picture to watch him grow.