Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Silly boy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

There is a funny kind of attraction to the dog's bed these days :)

Look Whooo's One Owl Party

party prep- my little cutie with those dark chocolate eyes i love so much :)

the owl cupcakes (decorated with Oreo halves, reeses pieces, and mike and ike candy pieces)

We did a grilled cheese bar with assorted cheeses and white or wheat bread. I made a spicy chicken dip to eat with whole grain chips, made up some pigs in a blanket, there was a veggie "tray", jello, and pretzels to munch on.

yeah- i made the little water bottle covers with scap pieces of my scrabooking paper. the hubby even helped glue on the owl's funny faces.

I covered the kitchen table with brown paper, and covered a couple tall glass baby food jars with the extra owl covers I used on the water bottles and filled the jars with crayons. The older kids appreciated this party idea.

all the kiddos grouped together. 2 pretty divas, 1 shy little boy, 1 boy who wants to go play, and my little man showing off a little... cause, well... it was his party. lol

friends Tabitha with her baby Olivia, and Stacy

Stacy's husband Bob sitting on the couch with our doggie and my husband.

Aiden "patiently" waiting for Daddy to tie his balloons to a truck (so it wont POP on the popcorn ceiling. :)

tasting the balloon...

the back of his birthday shirt
Happy Birthday little dude! :)