Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Party time!

tearing into first present. awesome fishing boat for the tub!

duplo blocks

not sure how to get it open

cake time!

I'm "One"! :)

sharing some cake with Dad

what a mess! :)

playing with new toys and books..

Happy Birthday little guy! We love you! :) 

1 Year Old!!

looking thrilled

"now let me tell you something first..."


getting into mischeif

sweet baby boy :)
Happy Birthday!

Christmas 2010

our little Christmas tree

opening up the first gift from Mom & Dad

new bean bag chair! helping Dad fill it up (didn't go so well)

stocking stuffers...

just thought his feet were funny here... :)

reading his book

Mamma & A
All dressed up for church!

First Steps

Aiden says "Night Night"

Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade ABC Book

Don't you just love this? I came across the idea HERE on Brown Paper Packages (pretty much my favorite blog ever!) and then the ABC part on another blog post of hers. I kind of combined them. All you will need to make this project is:
Plastic Name Badge Holders
Scrapbook Paper
Keychain with strechy wristband OR Metal Binder ring
Scissors or paper cutter
Double sided tape
Color printer for small picture printer
Alphabet stickers
I made one for Aiden's friend Logan for his 2nd Birthday. I also made one for Aiden. He will get it in his Christmas stocking... :) I think its a perfect little idea to help them with their ABCs and they see pictures of familiar things. I couldnt find the binder rings to hold the "pages" together so I grabbed the Keychain. I think this might actually work better. Now he can wear it on his wrist or we can clip it to his stroller or carseat so he can look at it on the go. The plastic pages are perfect for little kids- easy to wash off and you dont have to worry about them ripping the pages.
Happy Crafting!!! :)

Birthday Prep Part 1

Birthday Shirt FRONT
Iron On Owl from Michaels

Birthday Shirt BACK
Long Sleeved Blue Shirt from WalMart & a little fabric paint

Homemade owls out of scrap fabric. Could do the buttons for eyes on all but I just did them on the big one. Would have needed to use smaller buttons on the little ones but don't trust my button sewing ability to not be a choking hazard in the end. :( These will be party favors and decorations. For the babies I stuffed a few with plastic sacks for crinkly sound. The older kids will get soundless stuffed owls.

I'll post more as I decorate and will be sure to upload pics of the cake and Birthday boy!

Cookie Monster!

Daddy shared some Oreo cookies with A the other night. And well, of course A loved them!!!


This picture was from the first snowstorm. The snow is up to A's shoulders in this pic.

These are from the second snow storm. Big drifts and big piles of snow after shoveling the driveway! Days and days of snowing and it all added up. Snow is in the forcast until after Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Lane & A New Toy

We went to a nearby town which has a lovely display lane of decorated Christmas trees. Christmas music is playing while you walk through and admire the scenes set up and decorated in different themes. Aiden enjoyed the moving stuffed animals and looking at all the pretty lights.

We've had to keep Samson's kennel in Aiden's room, since Samson needs to be confined when we leave the house. He is only ever in his cage when we are gone and we had no place else to keep it up. Aiden has decided its a fun play spot though. :)

First Snow 12-2-10

At first Aiden didn't know what to think of the snow, but he quickly fell in love. He saw Samson having a good time and took off crawling after the dog! :)