About Us

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We started this blog as a way to keep our families up to date while we live so far away in Pennsylvania!

Jess is enjoying life as a stay at home mama to our son; Aiden, and currently exploring her way through her hobby/business of photography. Jon is currently working and staying very busy as a Network Administrator.

Aiden is 8 months old now and trying to crawl, though he doesn't need to learn how to get around. Aiden does pretty good at rolling and sitting alone to play with his toys. He has started healthy table food (veggies, fruits, and cooked grains) and does his share of squealing, babbling, and giggling throughout the day.

Samson the dog spends his days curled up on his pillow in the living room and running off his energy outside.
We are enjoying the quiet community where we call home, but do wish it was a little closer to our families.