Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Grandma's House

Aiden was able to meet all of his Great Grandparents on our trip this summer. On our way to Jon's parents and our way home from my parent's we stopped halfway at my Grandma's in Illinois. This was her first time to meet Aiden and she so enjoyed it! We were so glad it worked out to stop and visit. On our way through the first time, we ate breakfast with my Aunts & Uncles & cousins and had a really nice morning with them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arkansas (part 2)

Aiden & Great Papaw Corley

blooming cotton fields

rice fields


The Welch family

Arkansas (part 1)

cousins in order by age

papaw welch & aiden ride around on the scooter

jon and i

4 generations of Welchs
Aiden & his Great Grandma Welch
So a few days after my parents left our house, off we went on our real vacation of the year. We drove two days to Jon's hometown in Arkansas. We spent several days with his family and had a really good time.

Youth Camp 2010

Aiden & I caught I ride to Youth Camp with the Wayside Youth Group. We went down and stayed the week of church camp. My family was there and it was really fun to see everyone at camp who I've known for years. It was kind of different being back as a Mommy (I think I'm one of the only past campers in my age bracket that is married with a kid), but it was a really fun week. I spent the last night of camp helping pull camp security and watch for the mischevious few who tried to sneak out of their dorms for fun (they were rewarded with kitchen cleaning duty at 2AM and after we had the kitchen crew covered they were off to run themselves weary) It was a long night with very little sleep, but it wasn't too bad. I rode back home with my family after camp (minus a brother) who came back to our house for the weekend.

6 Months Old

(June 29)
What a difference a month makes! He is sitting alone now and developing such a little personality! He is our constant joy and entertainment too these days. :) You may be able to tell by the "scrunchy nose" face that he is also a little stinker.

Daddy's Boy

Aiden is a Daddy's boy whenever his Daddy is home. He loves just sitting and chilling with Jon when Jon gets home from work. He also likes Daddy's tickles and playtime with Daddy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Months

So at 5 months (May 29th) he was starting to figure out his walker- though walking backwards. He was sitting up for very short periods of time and wiggling all over. Drool is always somewhere on the front of his shirt these days and we're watching for little teeth to poke through.

4 Months Old

Surprise Extended Trip

Aiden meets his Nana & Great Papa Patterson
5 Generations

all the Pattersons

Aiden & Grammie

my brothers, Aiden, & I with Great Grandma Patterson

Aiden got his first taste of Dr. Pepper from Papa!

Aiden & I went to visit my Nana at the Children's Hospital where she works as an RN
one day while we were there.
Aiden & his Aunt Mary (pretty much a part of the family) longtime friend of mine

Aiden met his Great Great Grandma Florene for the first time!

... as well as his Great Papa :)

Instead of flying home from Omaha, Aiden & I worked it out to fly down to Oklahoma City to see all of my family while Jon was still super busy at work. We stayed away for another week before finally returning home. Aiden was able to meet his Great Grandparents and his Great Great Grandma and also get to see his uncles and Grammie & Papa again. They hadn't held him since he was born and so he had grown quite a bit! It was a good visit and so good to see my family.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Omaha Trip May 2010

Kayla's sister Nicole Graduated from High School. Here is the Hurley fam
looks like an easy photo... um, not so much

birthday pedi

mother's day

Kayla, Neil, Payton, Noah, and Myah Archibald Kayla took a few great photos of Aiden and I

girls only night out! went to see The Last Song

Payton & Noah

Aiden & Mommy at the Omaha Zoo

Aiden & Myah (they are 8 weeks apart)

Aiden & Mommy flew to Omaha, Nebraska in May to visit close friend Kayla & her family. We spent two weeks there while Jon stayed home since he had a lot of overtime with his company opening a new location. Jess had a wonderful time catching up and having some good, quality girl and mommy time. I celebrated my first mother's day & 24th birthday while in Omaha. It was one of the best birthday presents ever. Thankful to my sweet husband for letting us go away for so long!