Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Youth Camp 2010

Aiden & I caught I ride to Youth Camp with the Wayside Youth Group. We went down and stayed the week of church camp. My family was there and it was really fun to see everyone at camp who I've known for years. It was kind of different being back as a Mommy (I think I'm one of the only past campers in my age bracket that is married with a kid), but it was a really fun week. I spent the last night of camp helping pull camp security and watch for the mischevious few who tried to sneak out of their dorms for fun (they were rewarded with kitchen cleaning duty at 2AM and after we had the kitchen crew covered they were off to run themselves weary) It was a long night with very little sleep, but it wasn't too bad. I rode back home with my family after camp (minus a brother) who came back to our house for the weekend.

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