Monday, August 23, 2010

Omaha Trip May 2010

Kayla's sister Nicole Graduated from High School. Here is the Hurley fam
looks like an easy photo... um, not so much

birthday pedi

mother's day

Kayla, Neil, Payton, Noah, and Myah Archibald Kayla took a few great photos of Aiden and I

girls only night out! went to see The Last Song

Payton & Noah

Aiden & Mommy at the Omaha Zoo

Aiden & Myah (they are 8 weeks apart)

Aiden & Mommy flew to Omaha, Nebraska in May to visit close friend Kayla & her family. We spent two weeks there while Jon stayed home since he had a lot of overtime with his company opening a new location. Jess had a wonderful time catching up and having some good, quality girl and mommy time. I celebrated my first mother's day & 24th birthday while in Omaha. It was one of the best birthday presents ever. Thankful to my sweet husband for letting us go away for so long!

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