Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surprise Extended Trip

Aiden meets his Nana & Great Papa Patterson
5 Generations

all the Pattersons

Aiden & Grammie

my brothers, Aiden, & I with Great Grandma Patterson

Aiden got his first taste of Dr. Pepper from Papa!

Aiden & I went to visit my Nana at the Children's Hospital where she works as an RN
one day while we were there.
Aiden & his Aunt Mary (pretty much a part of the family) longtime friend of mine

Aiden met his Great Great Grandma Florene for the first time!

... as well as his Great Papa :)

Instead of flying home from Omaha, Aiden & I worked it out to fly down to Oklahoma City to see all of my family while Jon was still super busy at work. We stayed away for another week before finally returning home. Aiden was able to meet his Great Grandparents and his Great Great Grandma and also get to see his uncles and Grammie & Papa again. They hadn't held him since he was born and so he had grown quite a bit! It was a good visit and so good to see my family.

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