Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

All dressed in his Easter best (taking advantage of the sunny day before Easter)

Posing and cheesing it up at our church's Easter festivities

he got a balloon dog and was rubbing it across his face like a silly person, I guess to feel the static?

Oh my. He was so little last year we weren't sure how he would do with costumed characters. This little boy just adored the bear you saw a picture of above, and the Easter bunny. He snuggled right up to it and smiled, and giggled. There were tears, however, when A's turn was over and he had to get down. He just simply didn't want to leave. I'm sure he would have sat there all day beside the Easter bunny. haha! :)

A also did very well on the egg hunt at church. He was sweet enough to pick up an egg and even stick it in someone else's basket! :) He got a few in his own little basket though, and had lots of fun with the eggs later at home (opening and closing, etc)

We saw the bear again before we left. A shot across the crowded room and right over to the bear. The bear was really nice, it even picked A up and lifted him up and down. A thought it was really fun. :)

A & I on the school bus on the way back to our car

a little out of order here, but A & Daddy checking out the firetruck (also at the church festivities)

Happy Easter!

A checking out his Easter bucket. Inside: sand toys (we are working on a small sandbox outside for him), peeps, chocolate bunny, Peter Rabbit books, and a few other little things.

Interesting Discovery

            The other day A was playing with a pile of blocks on the floor by the window. I heard a noise and I looked up just in time to see him shoving 3 little blocks into the subwolfer speaker that sits beside our entertainment center. I was surprised to here all three blocks tumble down inside. Because really I know the front part is open, but I just assumed there was a screen or something at the back end of the "tunnel" to keep things out. When I went to the speaker and turned it upside down to try and get the toys out, I was surprised to hear a lot more clunking and rattling than what three toys would sound like.
           I was only able to get a few blocks out. When my husband took a turn at shaking the speaker later, he got out a whole lot more. The picture I posted above shows the speaker and all of the blocks we got out of it. The only way I can think all of these got in here, is that A must have been secretly sticking things inside when we weren't looking.

Peek A Boo

Being Silly in the Car

15 Months!

my big boy!

15 months old: 23lbs, 32" and he has 6 teeth

hugging his buddy Samson

trying on Daddy's boots.
We cannot wait til the weather warms up and it dries out so we can go outside and play.

Finger Painting

On a rainy day at the beginning of the month, I pulled out a little vanilla yogurt, divided it into 4 small bowls and added food coloring to make "paint". Aiden really enjoyed it, especially when he discovered how tasty it was. :)