Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade ABC Book

Don't you just love this? I came across the idea HERE on Brown Paper Packages (pretty much my favorite blog ever!) and then the ABC part on another blog post of hers. I kind of combined them. All you will need to make this project is:
Plastic Name Badge Holders
Scrapbook Paper
Keychain with strechy wristband OR Metal Binder ring
Scissors or paper cutter
Double sided tape
Color printer for small picture printer
Alphabet stickers
I made one for Aiden's friend Logan for his 2nd Birthday. I also made one for Aiden. He will get it in his Christmas stocking... :) I think its a perfect little idea to help them with their ABCs and they see pictures of familiar things. I couldnt find the binder rings to hold the "pages" together so I grabbed the Keychain. I think this might actually work better. Now he can wear it on his wrist or we can clip it to his stroller or carseat so he can look at it on the go. The plastic pages are perfect for little kids- easy to wash off and you dont have to worry about them ripping the pages.
Happy Crafting!!! :)

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