Monday, February 2, 2009

Jon's Surprise Party

Bob & Stacy
Jon & his Birthday Cake
A mix of after party decorations..

I threw a suprise party for Jon for his 28th Birthday. His birthday is January 15th & the party was the Saturday after. He was getting suspicious the two weeks or so before, so I surprised him with guests on his birthday for cheesecake. I had sent out invitations to all of Jon's friends a couple weeks before. His good friend Jim would be "babysitting" Jon for Saturday afternoon while Jim's wife; Jenna, and I went to pick up balloons & cake and came home to our house to decorate. Jon's friends all arrived and parked their cars in another location close by. We had to wait for Jon & Jim for over an hour! At least they got there! :) We had a fun night.

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