Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Dresser

Finished project! There are new knobs on the drawers and door painted in the same green as the baby bedding we got. If you open the door the entire inside is painted in matching green. This is the perfect height for a changing table too. I am looking at matching green fabric to cover the changing pad to put on top! Can't wait to use it!

Its looking better already being sanded, coat of white paint, new drawer fronts & feet.

This is the rather large pile of laminate that I was able to remove from the dresser.

This is about mid-way through peeling off laminate and sanding. It took a long time!

This is laminate covering the dresser. It started to peel off from the moisture in the basement.

This dresser was made for my dad by my Great Papa Patterson when my dad was born. My brothers and I had it as our dresser as kids. When my parents moved, they left it behind. I didnt have a place for it- to take it at the time, so it sat for over a year in the basement of their old house. When we started working on the baby's room though, we needed a dresser. I was able to contact some people from the church who said they wouldn't mind if we stopped to see if the dresser was still there and if it was, to pick it up. Well obviously it was still there, and boy am I excited about this thing! It has a great story and even though it was looking a little sad when we brought it home, with a little hard work it has turned out great!

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