Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 Months

I can't believe A is already 9 Months old! So crazy that time flies by so quickly...We went to the park to get these pictures. Surprisingly enough he didn't attempt to put the leaves in his mouth for a taste test. As you can see he has really passed up that little giraffe. Hard to believe that 9 months ago that plush toy was bigger than he was! I love the expression on his face here, there are all sorts of imagined phrases when I wonder what he was thinking. :)
A is really crawling all over the place now. And he moves super fast! He pulls up to everything and usually gets in trouble with pulling my books off the shelf, playing in the dog food/water dish, or pushing buttons on the dvd player. Favorite things to do are to: pull up to a kitchen chair and shake it or jump while holding on, chase the dog around the house, or did I mention jump? haha
He weighed a little over 18lbs and is now 28" tall! Just this weekend he began letting go to stand on his own after he had pulled himself up. He also learned how to climb the front steps outside.

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