Monday, November 10, 2008

To My Hero...

On this day; Veteran's Day, I would like to once again thank my veteran. For two years now I have been blessed to know the man whose pictures you see above. While I did not know him while he was serving our country in Iraq (Feb. 2004 to Feb. 2005), I did meet him while he was still in the military. As a Specialist in the PA Army National Guard, Jon was trained in Fire Direction Control for Field Artillery, but while on tour in Iraq he served as a gunner in a Military Police Company. I am so thankful that he made it back safely. I am thankful that he has only minor "battle scars"; such as an injured shoulder and slight hearing loss in one ear from his 50Cal, morters, and RPG's. Jon joined the National Guard in 2001 and just finished his six years last December. To Jon and so many others I owe a huge Thank You.
Jon... My love. My husband. My protector. My veteran. My Hero. I love you.

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The Archibald's said...

Thank you Jon! I think you are an amazing person to be able to put your life on the line for our country. God Bless!