Saturday, December 13, 2008

Iowa Visit and Thanksgiving

I apologize for being a bit behind on my blog posts! It has been a crazy last month or so.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I made a trip to see my Grandpa Ferguson, whom for the last three and a half years has been battling bone cancer. Since our family fishing trip to Wisconsin in October, Grandpa has had a turn for the worst. Hospice is in the home and have been such a wonderful blessing to Grandpa and the family. My parents are staying with them now and the rest of the family is back and forth, mostly staying there as well, to help with round-the-clock care for Grandpa and support for Gram.

It was a very special weekend that I spent in Iowa. Grandpa had been wanting to see me again, but when I got there he didn't recignize me at first. Between the pain medicine and the cancer, we aren't always sure why he struggles so much mentally. That weekend he spent mostly in bed, various neighbors and relatives stopping by to give their regards, and someone from our family close by his side at all times. It was a sad moment when I had to finally leave on Sunday to head back here to PA. He gave me a kiss and a hug and said a slow, tearful goodbye. I struggled with tears as well, for I don't know but that was the last I will see of my Grandpa. He has had good days and bad days again since that visit. We still wait for the phone call that tells us he has gone on to Heaven, but are still going to enjoy having him with us for the time being.

For Thanksgiving we spent it with our friends, the Fatula's, in Ellwood City, PA. It was a wonderful holiday spent and truly felt like family among them. At the top is a picture taken at Thanksgiving dinner.

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