Wednesday, November 11, 2009

False Alarm

Its hard to believe I am 32 weeks pregnant already! Where has the time gone? We have 8 weeks left until Aiden's due date for arrival, but only 5 weeks until the doctors consider him "full term".
We had a little bit of an interesting evening yesterday. I have been feeling a little cramping discomfort in my lower back for the past couple weeks and the doctors have been checking me weekly to make sure not starting to go into labor.
Well my symptoms were a bit worse yesterday so I called my OB Doctor. The nurse advised me to go to the hospital to get checked out. I left work, drove to Pittsburgh and picked Jon up after work and we drove over to the hosptial.We discovered that during "rush hour" headed into the city that even with that traffic, it only took us 1hr from the time I left the house til we arrived at the hospital. Not too bad.
Anyway, I went up to Labor & Delivery and they put me on monitors and did a test to see if I was in Preterm Labor. I did have a few small "peaks" on the monitors which I guess translated as a few small contractions, but nothing to worry about. It was interesting to watch the baby's hearbeat on the monitors. He stayed steadily in the 140-150 range but a couple times went up in the 180s to 190s then dropped to 120s. The cramping they said was normal but some of it was caused by baby's position: "Oh, yup his head is right there, thats probably causing a lot of your pressure" the doctor said as he felt around on my belly.
We arrived at the hospital about 5:40pm and left about 4 hours later. Anyway, very glad to know that everything is fine and we aren't having baby Aiden anytime soon! I feel much better after getting checked out. I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. We were very impressed with the hospital after our false alarm last night and are very comfortable with the idea of delivering there in several weeks.

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