Friday, December 4, 2009

Samson Snuggling with Baby Bump

I am beginning to think that Samson knows that something is about to happen in our house. He follows me everywhere (more than usual) and wants to snuggle with you whenever he can. I also think that he has been a little more protective of me since I became pregnant. The other night he just wouldn't stop trying to get on the couch with Jon and I. We have been trying to work with him on not getting on the furniture, as we're getting a new couch soon and need to break his habbit. I finally gave in and let him up beside me. He immediately ducked under the blanket I had across my lap and made himself comfortable, resting his head across my pregnant belly to watch TV with us. :) It didnt take long and he was sound asleep! Aiden started kicking and my belly was moving and bouncing Samson's head but he didnt seem to care. I just thought this snapshot was too cute not to post. It will be going into Aiden's baby book eventually... hopefully they are as good of buddies when Aiden is outside of my stomach as they seem to be right now. :)

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