Monday, June 15, 2009

Arkansas- Bentonville

On our way home from Eureka Springs, we went through Bentonville to get on the interstate.
In Bentonville, AR is where the Wal-Mart Distribution Center is and it is also the home
of the very first Wal-Mart. Pictured above is Sam Walton's "Walton's 5-10" Store which
is now the visitor center and is filled with history of the Walton's and about WalMart. It was really interesting and a cool place to stop!

Sam Walton's red pick-up

Did you know Sam Walton's dog was "Ol'Roy"? Thus where Ol'Roy Dog Food began...

Stats from inside the Wal-Mart visitor's center

Jon's nephew Trenton plays in the fountain while Angela holds him from falling in.

Trenton, Jon's mini-me
He looks a lot like his Uncle Jon when Jon was that age...
Jon, Me, & Trenton

Ellen & Jerry watch us at the fountain.

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