Monday, June 15, 2009

Arkansas- Family Pictures

My Brother-In-Law Lance (Amy's husband) has a great studio in their house and was kind enough to help us all get together for a family picture while Jon & I were in town. I think they turned out great. I mean, when you have three wiggling kids and some squirming adults, it can be long and tiresome but definately well worth it! :)

Amy, Ellen, Jerry, Jon, & Angela

Siblings: Amy, Jon, & Angela

Pennington Family: James, Trenton, & Angela

"Mamaw" & "Papaw" with two of the three grandsons, Trenton & Caleb.
Ethan is the oldest and not shown. He was tired of pictures.

The Shadle's: Lance, Ethan, Amy, & Caleb

Cute picture of James & Angela

Jon & I

The siblings/in-laws: Amy, Lance, Angela, James, Me, & Jon

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Laura said...

I enjoyed all the new pics, Jess. And the new layout is really nice!