Monday, June 15, 2009

Arkansas - Lake and Pond Adventures

Chastin & I at Red River

The guys are trying to see who can see who can stand in the freezing
cold water of the Red River the longest. It was funny!

Samson & Preacher play fetch in Adam & Brittany's pond.
It was Samson's first time to swim. Preacher got him started and then we
couldn't keep Samson out of the water! They had so much fun!

Adam & Jon ride Adam's go-cart

Brittany, Chastin, & Adam Stephens at Red River.
We stayed the first few days with them when we got to Arkansas
and we had a lot of fun at the river, the lake, and hanging
out at their house.
Jon & I with our still-developing sunburns at Red River.

The beautiful Red River! It was really hot out that day and the water
is always so cold. There is a mist on top of the river. The water is so cold
and clear you can see to the bottom even farther out.

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