Saturday, March 19, 2011

Florida (part 1)

Yea- thats an alligator! But don't worry. Unless provoked, they rarly move, much less attack. And someone was holding onto the stroller. :)

It was fun to see an old friend and meet his new wifey! They are so fun. :)

Grammie and giggles... :)

This dreamy tree is in the parent's back yard. I have learned that since I left they have put up a hammock under it. I can't wait til we go back down there! You'll know where to find me :)

ah they are "little boys" no more. S & B are 14 & 12! where has the time gone?

Jupiter Beach, FL. all the boys playing in the sand.

thats me, A, & my brother Cam building a sandcastle

good times! A, me, and my brothers

A helped Papa with the mailbox post. He LOVED the drill

A, trying to ride my mom's International tractor. As you can see, he's just not quite big enough. :)

A with his Great Grandma! We were in Florida for a week before she flew in for a visit. We then spent almost 2 more weeks with her there! So fun :)

Grammie & Aiden.

4 generations... finally all together :)

Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, FL

Gorgeous clear blue water, perfect soft white sand. But it was February and freezing! No tans today folks

A liked the sand on the Gulf coast a lot better than the sand on the East coast. Well, it was softer on the toes :)

Orange groves on the way back from Sarasota

A's first 4-wheeler ride. Don't worry, we went slow. :) He loved it.

In their backyard... love the palms

Having fun with Uncle Cam!

No, this is not a habit. But we thought it was funny. :)

Aunt Carma, Gram, A, Mom, & myself. Enjoying the pier at Lake Okeechobee

Finally a pic of the great Lake Okeechobee! :)

We had a really enjoyable 2 and a half week stay in the South. We got a little spoiled over the warm weather in the middle of winter and it was hard coming back to the cold North. Looking forward to going back for our vaca in May! :)

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