Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Florida (part 2) Random

A & his little snowman. The week before we flew to Florida

getting ready to fly! p.s. if you don't already know- Southwest Airlines is amazing, cheap, and friendly!!! :)

first ice cream cone... he liked it for a few minutes, then decided it was too cold.

It's kinda hard to see here, but all the red blotches are little clusters of fire ant bites. Looked like tiny little blisters. Worst ever!! They swarm your feet if you step on or near their colony. Then they stick in your skin and keep stinging until you wipe them off. Continues to burn and itch for hours and days... Will def be paying more attention where I walk down there from now on. I got swarmed probably 4 times in one morning while on a field trip with my brothers! :(

A is swimming with S & Cam. He is a total water baby!

Sad to leave the pool.

Go Steelers! Since we were in FL for the Superbowl, we had to support our home team! :)

At the church superbowl party. Proof that my little guy is not all smiles. He wanted to get down and run around some more. He hates to sit still!

We took my Dad a Terrible Towel & Steelers T for his birthday. Of course he got it early since the Superbowl was the weekend before his birthday. :)

Chowin down on a plain chicken wing. This child loves any kind of food. He didn't get much off the bone, but he did enjoy chewing it and getting some flavor.

sleeping with his Papa

Family game nights pretty much always include 'Rage' card game. So much fun! However, this set of cards had never happened before. We were unsure who won this round. haha

Skipjacks Sea Food is so yummy!! This is cheesy grits, fried and breaded gator, and sweet potato fries.
SO Yummy!

Aside from our popcorn addiction, canker sores in our mouths are also genetic in my family among the women it seems. My Gram (or Aunt, now I can't remember) found this wonderful natural supplement! You put a little drop of this liquid on the sore inside your mouth and it will help it heal and go away really soon. Mine was gone (or at least no longer bothersome) the day after I used one treatment of this.

My brother B is an aspiring pastry chef. He made us these delicious mousse puffs. Homemade chocolate mousse, homemade whipping cream all on toasted cresent roll dough. SO GOOD!

On the way home from Florida the flight was mostly empty. So they let me bring our carseat aboard instead of gate checking it with the stroller. I was very thankful not to have to hold the little guy on my lap for the 2.5hr flight. He slept the whole way and this Mom was able to relax, drink my complimentary juice and actually flip through a magazine!

Impressed? We got peanuts and pretzels too on the flight. FOR FREE! Yea- you need to book with Southwest next time. :) btw- these are really yummy!

Little A watching the planes during our layover on the way home. He had such a great time people watching and is such a wonderful traveler!

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