Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Catching Up..

My goodness, have I really not updated our blog since January? Here it is the middle of March & I am so far behind! My apologies!

Let's see... here's a brief summary with whats gone on in the past 2 and a 1/2 months since I gave an official update:
- Hubby started back to school to finish his Associates Degree (go! go! go!) :)
- I successfully surprised my hubby with a dinner out- complete with surprise guests for his 30th birthday
- A & I took a trip to Florida to spend some much needed time with my family
- A got 3 more teeth and officially made the complete switch from bottle to sippy cup (YAY!)
- Hubby & I got a dresser for our room - FINALLY
- We were under flood watches for all the rain we recieved
- We got 6 inches of snow in the middle of the flood watch
- The snow melted, it rained some more, and now its finally warming up outside!
- And we just got a 2nd car (yippeee!!)

Now I suppose you would like to see some pictures of all these events? Well you are in luck, because I'm still taking all kinds of pictures. ;) You know what else? I think I have some fun videos to share too... :)

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