Monday, March 28, 2011

Rice Crispie Treats

Ok, so for our wedding, we had a rice crispy treat cake. Different, yes, but my huband and I have never been big fans of cake. So we got creative. Now, every year on our anniversary we make rice crispy treats. What fun it will be now, with a little person to help us make them! :)

This is the process, step by step. So much fun!


dumping the marshmallows in the bowl... oopsie we lost one..

mommy's adorable little helper!

stir it up!

taste testing

got some on his sleeve, here he is eating it off his shirt.

we cut the treats out into heart shapes (with Daddy's help) and added red sprinkles
A is teary here because he was told he couldnt eat another treat (boy did he love them!)

showing the finished treats. A is in mid chew from sneaking another bite.

eating his one treat (this wAs allowed) :)
We look forward to many more years of Rice Crispy Treat making fun!
Happy 3 Years, babe. :)

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